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Today in Woburn March 2021: Start at 25:22
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SnopesFACT CHECK: Did an Immigrant Make a Girl Sick by Putting Peanut Butter in Her Sandwich? (
Yahoo NewsCoffee With: Jerome Bettis & Laurel Francoeur
CBS BaltimoreCoffee With: Jerome Bettis & Laurel Francoeur
Laurel was interviewed by WWLP on keeping kids with food allergies safe in school.
Laurel testified before the Connecticut General Assembly on 504 accommodations in schools. Click here to read her presentation.
The Peanut Butter (allergy) crunch heard 'round the country

Francoeur Law has appeared several media outlets, including the following: Boston Globe, USA Today, Allergic Living Magazine, Massachusetts Lawyers' Weekly, Fox News, ABCNews, US News and World Report, NPR.

Click here to hear Laurel on the Shandeeland Podcast: The Intersection of Law and Food Allergies